Analytics FAQs

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1) How to see the average duration of a user and the products they interacted with during their session as well as their last login date?

Use the following reports (includes last login date, # of visits, # of times features used)

  • Adoption Report
  • Path Analyser
  • Audience Explorer

2) How to see a snapshot of the last 30 days and the number of users that did a particular action?

Navigate to Adoption Report > Choose Feature > Measure by User > Last 30 days.

3) How to find patterns and understand how most users by account are navigating to a certain part of the tool?

Analytics > Features > Path Analyser > Ends with/Starts with, Reduce noise by adding threshold > Change # of steps > Use various filters.

4) What is being utilized/under-utilized to make pointed suggestions to the client?

Analyse usage via Adoption Explorer.

5) Are the users in Gainsight PX the total population of users we have in our Platform? It appears there are less users in Gainsight PX compared to the number of users in our Platform.

Users will only register in PX once they commit an event/action/login. Thus, if a user is completely inactive, they won’t populate in PX.

6) Does ‘Signed up less than 1 day' mean this user Logged in less than 1 day?

Signed up means when the customer signed up on your app/first time logged into your app. Hence, it is important for your development team to pass this information using Identify Code “signed-up date” to PX. If sign-up date is empty for a user, PX will take the ‘first seen date’ as ‘signed up date’.

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