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Every user is on their own path to learning and adopting your product. Path analysis helps you visualize user activity and surface unexpected behaviors. Answering questions like “How did they get to a given feature?” or “Where do they go next?” Path Analyzer reports allow you to:

  • Learn about the adoption path of the first mile of product for new users
  • Visualize user activity to surface unexpected user flows
  • Track user activity to learn how users get to a NEW feature and where do they go next.  

Path Analyzer Settings

  • Starting with / Ending with: allows you to analyze the journey to or from a feature based on the user session
  • User or session scope: allows you to visualize journey across visits under user scope or per session where the same users will be measured more than once.

NOTE: A new PX Session will begin after 30 minutes of user inactivity.

  • Steps: defined how deep you want the journey to reflect
  • Threshold: defines the minimum threshold for that metric to be counted into the path analysis

Measure the first mile of Product

Using user signup date you can specify the scope of your first mile of product to

  1. Learn about how users interact with your product
  2. Validate they on track, following the journey you expected and
  3. See who and where they drop-off

Learn about different Cohort's Journeys

You might have different personas or account types. You can specify any filter to match the cohort you're trying to analyze.

Gain Real-time Insights on your New Release's Adoption

When launching a new feature or module you can specify the relevant step you want to focus on and see how users got to your newly launched feature or where do they go afterwards

Select the target feature you want to focus on:

To learn about all frequently asked questions, refer Analytics FAQs article.

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