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Which In-App Engagement 'Type' to use when

Overview. The following are the different types of engagement with various use cases and best practices to provide a personalized user experience. Types of Engagements. Dialogue. Announcements - New…

Updated 8 months ago by Kiran Devathi Server-side Integration

Gainsight PX now supports Segment’s server-side integration. Why are we excited and how is that different than our current Segment integration? The answer is simple: Server-side integration allows yo…

Updated 9 months ago by Neelam

How to test In-app Engagements in Gainsight PX

While creating In-app engagements, for the most part, you would want to test them before launching them to your users on production. You can test your In-app engagements in either of the following wa…

Updated 8 months ago by Kiran Devathi

Product Instrumentation Best Practices

Why Product Hierarchy is the right model for your product tracking/analytics? We recommend instrumenting your product using a product hierarchy model as opposed to a flat/one-level model. This allows…

Updated 11 months ago by Kiran Devathi

Exclude Specific Users from Tracking

What if I don’t want to track certain users in PX? There are multiple ways to do this: Use Filter : You can let this data flow into the PX and use filters to filter out user with other con…

Updated 6 months ago by Kiran Devathi

Manage Multiple Environments within PX

Overview. If your Gainsight PX subscription started as a PoC or if you've been using PX from your Staging/QA environment and ready to move to full/Production, you have some options on how you'd like…

Updated 10 months ago by Kiran Devathi

Custom Events and Super Properties

Overview. When the Gainsight PX tag is installed on a product, it starts picking up and sends the following product usage event types to PX: Session/Visits. Page Loads. Link Clicks. Button Clicks. Cu…

Updated 7 months ago by Kiran Devathi

Organize Engagements

Purpose. To organize effectively a multitude of in-app and email engagements (50+). Why. As a PX customer responsible for engaging with end-users, it’s important to organize my engagements into folde…

Updated 11 months ago by Kiran Devathi

Initiate a Chat Session from a PX Engagement (i.e. Zendesk, Help Scout)

Initiate a chat session from px engagement

Updated 8 months ago by Angelo Matheou

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