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Custom Events

Gainsight PX Web SDK supports the ability to send custom events.  You include a name for the custom event as well as properties/values for that event.

The types supported are:

  • string
  • number
  • boolean
  • datetime (ISO 8601 UTC date and time)
  • nested events will be saved as string 

Here is an example call:

// Tracking examples with event properties

aptrinsic('track', 'Video', {"name":"Welcome Video","Category":"Onboarding","Length" :5000 ,"Launched" : true , "Launched date":"2018-03-08T18:11:00Z" });

// Track search
aptrinsic('track', 'Search', {"terms":"profile setting how-to","results":10,"Category":"Admin"});


Also, in the example above the custom event includes property/values for the custom event (name, Audience size, Launched, etc), your custom event would, of course, have properties specific to your custom event.

Custom Event Limits


Limit (standard edition)

Event Names (type)


Event Properties


Length or property value

1024 characters

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