Install Gainsight PX on Salesforce apps

Updated 7 months ago by Michael Alon

Install Gainsight PX on Salesforce apps

Installing the tracking code in a Salesforce app running in an iframe requires a different initialization function and passing the iframeModeEnabled parameter as false.

When using the script below - please update the product key (AP-XXXXXXXXXXXX-2) to the actual key you are using!
// Global function to initialize Gainsight PX
function initializeGainsightPX() {
if (this.isGainsightPXInitialized) return;

// Gainsight PX Tag
(function (n, t, a, e, x) {
let i = "aptrinsic"; n[i] = n[i] || function () {
(n[i].q = n[i].q || []).push(arguments)
}, n[i].p = e, n[i].c = x;

let r = t.createElement("script");
r.async = !0;
r.src = a + "?a=" + e;

let c = t.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];
c.parentNode.insertBefore(r, c);
})(window, document, "", "AP-XXXXXXXXXXXX-2",{ "iframeModeEnabled": false });
// End Gainsight PX Tag

this.isGainsightPXInitialized = true;

initializeGainsightPX(); // Call global init function whenever a new page is loaded

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