Gainsight PX MindTouch Integration

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This article explains how you can integrate Gainsight PX with MindTouch to access knowledge center articles. When PX is configured with MindTouch, you can view and search all the articles available in MindTouch through Knowledge Center Bot.


Must have MindTouch login credentials to generate API Token and Secret Key.

API Token

Why you need a server API Token?

Server API tokens are used to create integrations from your server application and the MindTouch API. The token consists of a key and a secret which are used to sign API requests, allowing valid requests through and rejecting invalid or expired requests. The token secret is meant to be kept in a secure place, and should never be shared or sent across the internet in plain text. For more information on how to generate a server API token in MindTouch, refer Generate a server API token article.

Integrate Mindtouch

To create a connection between Gainsight PX and MindTouch:

  1. Login to Gainsight PX with your personal credentials. Gainsight PX Dashboard is displayed.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Integrations.
  1. Click Settings icon. Mindtouch Docs Search window displays.
  2. Enter the Token and Secret Key which you have already generated in MindTouch. Sub Domain as and type your User Name.
Make sure User Name which you enter has Read only access.
  1. Click Apply.

You can now go and check if it’s successful integration by navigating to Knowledge Center Bot.


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