Configure Segment Cloud Destination (server to server)

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Configure Segment Cloud Destination


Gainsight PX Cloud Server integration allows Segment events to be sent directly from the Segment servers to the Gainsight PX ecosystem. This integration can be used for systems that cannot use the web-based Gainsight PX Segment integration. For example, a server-side process that is using the Segment SDK to send events to Segment. By creating an event destination with the Gainsight PX Cloud Server, you can ingest the server-side events into Gainsight PX.  

To track a Javascript web application, use the client-side integration. For more information refer our Use Segment article.


  • Segment integration allows you to take advantage of an existing integration with Segment from all the various platforms that Segment supports.
  • You can send events into Gainsight PX with a simple button click.
  • If your product already uses the Gainsight PX client side script, sending server-side events gives you a bigger picture view of what your customers are doing in your system.


To use the Gainsight PX Cloud Server integration, you need:

  • Segment event source
  • Gainsight PX admin account.

How to Setup

Step 1: Copy your Product Key

  • Login to Gainsight PX.
  • Navigate to Settings > Products and copy the product key.

Step 2: Create a Gainsight PX Destination in Segment

  • Login to Segment.
  • Click Destinations to add a new destination and search for Gainsight PX Cloud Server.
  • Click Configure Gainsight PX Cloud Server button.
  • From Select Source window, choose an event source to connect to Gainsight PX and click Confirm Source button.
  • Click API Key field.
  • Paste the product key that was copied in Step 1 into the API Key field.
  • Click Save.

Step 3: Confirm Setup

Once you save the destination, navigate to Segment Overview page to confirm that the desired source is connected to the Gainsight PX Cloud Server destination.

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