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Overview. Segment is a functionality that allows you to create different audience/user groups based on common attributes/characteristics. You can create any "segment" of users based on the rules/attr…

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Set Audience for Multi-Language Engagements

Set Audience for Multi-Language Engagements. Companies interested in growing and expanding into global markets need to be able to speak local languages. Gainsight PX makes it easy for the users to de…

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Use Automatic Reports in Gainsight PX

This article describes how users can define daily or weekly automatically created reports to their email addresses. In the individual profile level, each user by default can see the email reports whi…

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How to Build Gainsight PX In-App 'Guide' Engagement

Overview. Gainsight PX provides an all-in-one product experience platform that enables companies to onboard, retain, and grow customers by delivering personalized product experiences based on in-prod…

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Use Templates

Templates are pre-formatted layouts that help you create engagements in a specific format. Templates save you time on the initial setup and configuration of your engagement layouts. Gainsight PX prov…

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Knowledge Center Bot

Overview. Knowledge Center Bot is an on-boarding assistant that guides users in learning your product. The Bot contains links to engagements and external URLs in order to effectively onboard new user…

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Contact Gainsight PX Support

Overview. This article explains how to contact the PX Support team when things do not work as expected within the product. Before you reach out to PX support team, you can also search the Help Center…

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Test your Engagements

How to safely build and test your Aptrinsic engagements without using a QA or Development environment

Updated 8 months ago by Angelo Matheou

Engagement Scheduler

Engagement Scheduler. Every engagement has a scheduling step that helps you defined when and how often an engagement should be evaluated and triggered. In-app scheduling is a little different than Em…

Updated 8 months ago by Michael Alon

Audience Selection (Engagements)

Audience selection can be applied all over the Aptrinsic platform, from our powerful reporting (i.e. cohort / retention, feature adoption, funnels) and down to the real-time user engagement launching (i.e. dialogs, sliders, surveys, etc).

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Use Videos For User Onboarding

Using videos is an effective way to onboard users as part a signup process or when onboarding them to your latest release. Here is a Step by Step Guide to Embed Videos into your In-App Experience. 1.…

Updated 8 months ago by Michael Alon

Create On-boarding Engagements

What is an Engagement? Engagements can by thought of as orchestrations that need to be executed against a specific audience of users. You can do several different types of engagements across multi...

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Knowledge Center Bot FAQs

1) Do we have the ability to create multiple KC Bot's? For example, KC BOT 1 to display on XXX URL, KC BOT 2 to display on YYY URL (OR) the app allows one KC Bot across the app? There is no concept o…

Updated 8 months ago by Kiran Devathi

How to find the Video Embed Code to use in PX Engagements

PX allows you to embed videos into your engagements (i.e. dialogs, guides, etc). Videos are commonly used in User Onboarding engagements as documented here. This help document describes how to find t…

Updated 8 months ago by Angelo Matheou

Audience/Accounts Explorer FAQs

1) How is Number of Visits calculated? Gainsight PX calculates by the number of new sessions the user has. A new session is created every half-hour of inactivity. 2) How are Active Users calculated?…

Updated 8 months ago by Kiran Devathi

In-App Engagements FAQs

1) Can I trigger an engagement when a certain feature is used OR not used? Yes. Navigate to Create Engagement > Audience > Choose Product Mapper from list of Trigger Rules available on the right > Ch…

Updated 8 months ago by Kiran Devathi

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