Audience/Accounts Explorer FAQs

Updated 8 months ago by Kiran Devathi

1) How is Number of Visits calculated?

Gainsight PX calculates by the number of new sessions the user has. A new session is created every half-hour of inactivity.

2) How are Active Users calculated?

Any user who logged into your webapp in the last 7 days is counted as “Active User”. PX will not include today since today (on the graph) tends to be partial data that will skew the metric.

3) In Audience Explorer, while looking at individual profiles, the recent activity section doesn’t bring the parent ‘Module’ name with it, only feature name, which doesn’t seem helpful in analytics.

We do not anticipate our customers collecting the analytics from Audience Explorer > User Profile page, hence it shows the feature name only. We use this view to sometimes sanity check features are collecting data after the mapping. What would be more helpful to you is: Navigate to Analytics Tab > Features > Adoption. There you will find adoption usage/trends both at the Module and Feature Level, very easy to read or understand.

4) When quickly looking at Audience Explorer the ‘Last Seen’ date/time stamp seems off. I think the time specifically seems wrong. Is that a bug?

This is because your PX Subscription has you set up in UTC Timezone/another timezone, which can be changed by going to Settings > Company Details > TimeZone.

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