Use Videos For User Onboarding

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Using videos is an effective way to onboard users as part a signup process or when onboarding them to your latest release.

Here is a Step by Step Guide to Embed Videos into your In-App Experience

1. Create a new in-app engagement

A video can be embedded in any type of in-app engagement - dialog, slider or a guide. Embedding the video using the universal editor - select a template (blank) and go to the edit step.

2. Click on the video icon and insert the video link or embed code. See this article for help on how to obtain the embed code from video platforms such as Vimeo or YouTube.

3. Adjust the video to the size and location you'd like, you can drag it from one of the corners to cover the entire dialog step

4. Background color: In case the video is covering the entire surface of the dialog set the the background to darker than white so the X button will show up.

5. Preview: You can now preview your video by first saving and then clicking on the 'eye' preview icon on the top right and selecting a target url in your app.

Tips & Tricks

You can adjust the position of the dialog or play with overlay settings by selecting the 3rd tab

TIP: When using youtube videos you might want to disable video recommendations by clicking share, select code and uncheck the "Show suggested videos when the video finishes" option.

Or as you might have noticed, you just need to append the url with the rel=0 parameter:

Updating the video url requires going into Gainsight PX html editor mode and replacing the url or change the default param from "?wmode=opaque" to "rel=0"

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